The Zourlands - Old School-lite Hexcrawl in an Original Setting! (First Session Free : $25 After!)

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AlchemyTales of the Valiant
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About this game

--DATE & TIME FLEXIBLE!-- || --Roleplay, Combat, and Puzzle content will be catered to player interest!-- Unearth the secrets of The Zourlands! Explore a vast uncharted wilderness in a classic hexcrawl through this original setting full of opportunities for exploration, danger, and legendary loot! The setting is completely original and filled from Hex 0,0 all the way to Hex 49,49 with explorable content waiting for a band of players to dive in! This will be a true sandbox, making use of Tales of the Valiant (5e enhanced rules by Kobold Press) as the foundation for our game. We'll also be using the Adventurer, Conqueror, King System (ACKS) for defining rules on building permanent keeps and strongholds as Tales of the Valiant doesn't yet have a Game Master's Guide to cover mechanics like this. Other resources we'll be using include an Exhaustion Rework, Follower Advancement, and epic loot from The Griffon's Saddlebag! If you've ever wanted to play a game with an Old School feel, but familiar mechanics, this will be the campaign for you!

How to Prepare

Your checklist for preparation is simply as follows: 1: Join the Archfossil Discord. :: 2: Let me (See_Creature) know you're joining this game. 3: Make an account at Alchemy if you don't have one. :: 4: Wait for me to send you a link to the game!

Game Profile

2 to 4 hours
Basic TTRPG experience preferred
18+ years old

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CombatOffensive LanguageSlavery

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