Who is Roll 4 Gravity?

Roll 4 Gravity, or R4G as we lovingly call it, was founded by Jonathan Shipman and Simon Perryman.

Shipman and Perryman have a long history in media, gaming, and marketplaces and decided to come together to develop a community driven content and influencer marketplace. With over 60 years of combined tabletop roleplaying experience between them, they are very passionate about tabletop roleplaying games and Game Master enablement.

What is Roll 4 Gravity?

Roll 4 Gravity is a community content and influencer marketplace hub for tabletop gaming, with a focus on Tabletop Roleplaying Games.

R4G puts Game Masters at the center of the action. We make it possible for GMs to turn passion into profession. We aim to enable the whole community to create, share, rate, and review content and make it easy for Game Masters to plan, prepare, schedule, run games and earn an income.

What is tabletop roleplaying gaming?

A tabletop roleplaying game (ttrpg) is a type of tabletop game where players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. In a ttrpg, players typically create their characters, make decisions for them, and engage in storytelling and problem-solving.

Players rely on a GM to create a great social gaming experience by describing the environment, events, and actions while arbitrating player interactions and game outcomes.

How is tabletop roleplaying gaming different from tabletop gaming?

A tabletop game refers to a game played on a flat surface with pieces or cards, such as board games, card games, dice games, etc. Tabletop roleplaying games are a subgenre of the larger category of tabletop gaming. Today either may be enjoyed physically at the table, or via digital means.

Is R4G only for tabletop roleplaying games?

While our focus is tabletop roleplaying games, R4G as a platform is open to anyone directly or indirectly involved with tabletop gaming. If a logical connection cannot be made between tabletop gaming, then it probably doesn't belong on R4G. For example, dice making, creating soundtracks, and live action roleplaying would all be acceptable as they are logically related to tabletop gaming and roleplaying games.

What services does R4G offer?

At our core R4G is a community driven content hub and influencer marketplace for tabletop roleplaying games. The Game Master is at the center of everything we do. R4G is starting with Game Master enablement and providing a marketplace to list their services for sale. As we get started the focus will be on scheduling and running games and teaching, but will continue to expand enabling both direct and indirect service offerings.

Who is eligible to be a Game Master on R4G?

Any adult in a country in which we are able to offer our product.

Who can use R4G other than Game Masters?

Great question! Today anyone looking to play a game or learn from a Game Master, and is over the age of 13 is welcome to join the R4G community and get to playing. New product features will be coming all the time, so keep an eye out for new and exciting ways to participate within the community.

I am new to tabletop roleplaying gaming, is R4G for me?

100% We are super passionate about the worldwide community and support its growth and sustainability. A big part of that is bringing in new players to experience the social connections and joy which is found at the "table" and within the community. R4G is a great place to find a new player friendly Game Master and try out different game systems and group dynamics. It is important everyone gets to see the variety in Game Masters, groups, and games.

How do I pay for services on R4G?

We use a payments processing partner who handles all the monetary transactions for us and keeps payment methods and funds secure. Through them we support all major forms of digital payment.

How can I contact R4G if I have a billing or support issue?

Feel free to visit: www.roll4gravity.com/page/contact to send us a message.

How is seat pricing set on R4G?

R4G enforces a minimum of $5 USD per session seat. Game Masters have the freedom to set higher prices based on their effort to create and run games and the demand they are seeing from the community to play in their games.

Does R4G offer any discounts or promotions?

R4G will on occasion offer promotions. These are generally done as part of special events or activations, so keep an eye out. Make sure to signup for our R4G mailing list here (link needed).

What is the R4G refund policy?

R4G requires a payment method on file when booking a seat for a session. We will charge your card 48 hours in advance of the session. Once charged, no refunds will be given. If in advance of 48 hours a user decides to opt out of their seat, R4G will not charge their card. Special events or promotions may have their own specific refund rules.

What type of content does R4G produce?

R4G is not a content production company, and therefore we do not specialize in creating content. However, R4G is a group of passionate individuals who may create content as part of community participation.

What is user-generated content (UGC)?

User-generated content (UGC) refers to content that is created by the users and community, as opposed to employees or official representatives of a company. UGC comes in many forms such as written publications, videos, art, music, and more. Essentially, it is consumable media created by the community for distribution on R4G.

Who can participate in UGC for R4G?

Anyone and everyone! Just make sure your content doesn't violate Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, or any other R4G policy.

How do you work with influencers?

We have a simple 3 tiered program. Anyone who legally qualifies can sign up to be a gamemaster and starts out at our initial Arbiter (what we at R4G call our GM partners) tier of Neophyte. We have multiple ways to level up, so there is more than 1 pathway to grow your brand.

What are the different levels of partnership achievable for influencers?

We currently have three tiers of Arbiter (revenue sharing partner): Neophyte, Adept, and Master Arbiter. An Arbiter can level up to the next tier either by earning income on R4G, or by running enough games for paying players. All GMs who qualify to legally earn income on R4G will start at the Neophyte Arbiter tier. The different tiers reflect different perks and benefits available to the Game Master.

How much revenue percentage do Arbiters receive from game fees?

  1. Neophyte Arbiters receive a 70% rev share, Adept Arbiters receive an 75% rev share, and Master Arbiters receive an 85% rev share of player seat bookings.
  2. Arbiters always receive their revenue share % on the total (gross) amount their players pay when booking a seat. We at R4G believe in transparency, and do not try to hide behind excess fees or service charges. Arbiters can always expect to get their fair % of the full amount R4G collects from players.
  3. Rev share % for future product features and opportunities will be determined at the time of release. R4G strives to strike a balance between opportunities for the biggest Arbiters, and ensuring opportunities for the smallest as well. We believe a rising tide should float all boats, not just the biggest ones.

I am not a GM, but I want to monetize my creative talent. Is this possible on R4G?

While we won't have a mechanism for this at launch, we do have plans to support the whole community. We are very excited for creative individuals to monetize their creations on R4G. Please check back for regular product feature updates, or better yet sign up here to be on our mailing list and avoid missing out on exciting news. Things are moving fast over here at R4G, we would hate for you to miss out.

I'm a publisher and would love to work with R4G. Is this possible?

Yes! 100% You are a big reason we have created R4G. Please reach out to us via publishersupport@roll4gravity.com and we will get back to you asap. We cannot wait to discuss your opportunity and how it can be a great fit for the R4G community and Arbiters.

Do you produce tabletop gaming content?

We are a UGC focused platform and marketplace. We may occasionally put out our own content, but we primarily rely on the creativity of the community to generate, share, rate, and review content.

How can I submit my tabletop gaming content to your company?

  1. For UGC simply upload and share.
  2. For publishers looking to promote and sell content, please Feel free to visit www.roll4gravity.com/page/contact to send us a message.

Do you have any job openings?

Thanks for asking! We are excited that you share the same passion for tabletop gaming and Game Masters as us. We are a scrappy startup, and don't have many openings today. You can always check our jobs listing page at www.roll4gravity.com/page/careers

Check back often as things are constantly evolving over here as we level up!

How do I reserve a spot in a game or class?

Find the game listing of your choice by browsing or searching the games listing directory www.roll4gravity.com/games , select the game session which interests you, and then click book a seat.

How much does it cost to reserve a spot in a game or class?

Great question! Roll 4 Gravity does not set seat pricing. While we do have a site minimum of $5 USD, we let Game Masters determine the price per seat for each session. Seats in a session will always be the same price, but seats in different sessions may vary at the Arbiters discretion.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use Stripe as our payment provider partner. Please see https://stripe.com/payments/features#payment-options  for all the payment types Stripe supports.

Are there any additional charges when reserving a spot in a game or class?

R4G does not charge hidden service fees or add on surcharges. We believe in being transparent and ensuring Arbiters get their fair share.

On occasion, when required by federal, state, local, or jurisdiction law we may be required to collect fees which do not go to R4G, but are collected on behalf of the local government. Whenever this happens, it will be clearly stated before final checkout.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my reservation?

A valid form of payment is required to hold your seat in the game. We do not charge for payment until 48 hours before game start time. There are no refunds once a charge has been made, however you may abandon your seat in game without charge prior to 48 hours before game start time.

Why do you charge 48 hours before the game start time?

We take a Game Master view of the world. Put yourself in the shoes of a professional Game Master. Would you want someone backing out with less than 48 hours to go before game time? We believe this strikes a fair balance between predictability for Game Masters and flexibility for players.

What happens in the case of chargebacks?

We have a cooling period which is meant to account for issues with chargebacks or other payment issues. Once the cooling period has lapsed revenue is shared. For cases involving fraud see item 33.

What happens if there is fraud on my account?

Fraud is a serious matter and we will do our best to find and intercept it before it becomes an issue for Arbiters and the community. Perpetrators of fraud will have their accounts banned and will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Victims of fraud will have their claim investigated and we will do our best to ensure the fairest outcomes. As fraud is a case by case basis, there is no one size fits all answer.

Are there any age requirements for reserving a seat in a game or class?

Yes, but it may vary. We have a minimum site wide age requirement of 13, but Game Masters may set their individual sessions to higher age limits as they deem appropriate.

Where can I find the terms of service for R4G?

What are the Community Guidelines for R4G?

In the broadest sense they are to avoid hateful conduct and prohibited content.

What does R4G consider hateful conduct?

Hateful conduct is any content or activity that promotes, encourages, or facilitates discrimination, denigration, objectification, harassment, or violence towards someone based on the following characteristics, and is strictly prohibited:

  1. Race, ethnicity, or national origin
  2. Religion
  3. Sex, Gender, or Sexual Orientation
  4. Age
  5. Disability or Medical Condition
  6. Physical Characteristics
  7. Veteran Status

Your definition of hateful conduct feels broad. How is it possible to enforce it consistently?

It is broad. This is on purpose! While R4G values diversity of thought and viewpoint, we do not tolerate hateful conduct towards anyone in the community, our partners, or our staff. Incidents of hateful conduct will be reviewed by R4G and dealt with on a case by case basis.

How do Private Games work?

Games Masters can run a private game without charging. This is a great way to let people try out your games and see if they would like to commit to a longer series of games.