We understand that when you hear "AI," you might think of Skynet, Hal 9000, or even that mother's day comrade greeting card which rose up against humanity. In the vast landscape of AI, where possibilities seem as endless as ttrpg universes (multiverses?), we want to ensure R4G delivers a clear vision. We acknowledge the wonders and occasional quirks of AI but want to assure you: Our primary focus is the enrichment of the human-to-human world of TTRPGs.

1. Transparency

Open Scrolls, Not Closed Books: If AI plays a role in our platform, we will make sure you'll always be informed. We believe transparency is key for trust and ensure users can make informed decisions about the experiences they wish to support or be involved in. Users of R4G are expected to adhere to this policy as well, and should disclose if and when they are using AI.

2. Human-Centered Design

You're the Hero, We're the Sidekick: AI should be akin to a helpful npc on a quest, offering guidance or lending a hand without overshadowing the main character. Your narrative remains yours; AI should be there as an efficiency tool. We see a future where AI can play a positive role for GMs in assisting with planning, preparation, and increasing on the fly responsiveness to unforeseen player twists.

3. Ethics

Guarding Your Tale: We respect your journey and the stories you create. Our commitment is to ensure your story is yours. AI tools should exist to help elevate GMs and their weaving of tales to new levels. We will only leverage your narratives and creations in line with and as set out in our Terms of Service. Rest assured, your epic tales remain your own.

4. Education

Learning and Knowing: If and when AI features and services become available, we will ensure they are clearly communicated and documented so even the most novice of users will be able to identify, understand, and utilize (or avoid) them effectively.

5. Feedback Loop & Collaborative Development

Because Two Heads (Or Thousands) Are Better Than One: We value your insights. Whether you're applauding a tool, noting an AI glitch, or wish to provide critical feedback, your voice helps us refine and enhance the user experience. Our platform thrives on collaboration. Your input plays a pivotal role in shaping the tools and features we offer, ensuring they resonate with GMs and the greater TTRPG community's needs. Please, don't be shy.

6. Limitations

Embracing Quirks with Grace: AI, while clever, will still have its moments or awkwardness, uselessness, and pure ridiculousness. We will strive for precision and relevance in any tooling, but it may occasionally exhibit unexpected “creativity”. When it does, we appreciate your understanding, sense of humor, and your willingness to rat it out.


We believe AI can play a positive role as an assistive tool for GMs and make TTRPGs more approachable for everyone than ever before. Our mission with AI is to complement the world of GMs and TTRPGs with added efficiencies and new exciting experiences. While AI may play a part of our future product ensemble, the spotlight will remain firmly on GMs and the community. Tools and any resulting works will be clearly labeled and identifiable as AI. We are passionate about making R4G the best place to be a GM, we are in this adventure together with the community, and we will do our best at charting a course through vast realms of creativity and possibility. Remember, we are proudly only human.

V0.3 February 7, 2024